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Why your kids don't read books.

Simple answer, they don't need to. Why bother reading when they can be entertained by videos and audio books. If they really want to learn something- they can just "ask alexa" or "ask siri". Twitter, instagram, tic-tok and other such platforms where they communicate with their friends just need a lot of graphics, audio tracks, videos and very less reading. They've got everything they need right now without ever needing to read.

The technology we built to make life easier for adults, also makes learning easy for kids. Maybe even a little too easy. Is reading still relevant at all? Yes, it is, if they need to become the kind of adults who will advance the technology and science we have to the next level. They need the skills to understand, assimilate and build knowledge. And besides that, do we really want to raise a generation of kids who never read the terms and conditions, or contracts just because they're too long and difficult to read?

The solution? I think it's to ration out technology. If my internet isn't working for some reason, I read physical books more. Netflix is just so convenient if it's an option. Every time we take a technology break, my 8 year old spends a lot more time reading physical books. And then for those kids who really struggle to read, we've got to help them learn. It's not just to get through school. It is an important life skill.

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