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Why Education After Covid Will Never Be The Same Again..

I've been working in the field of e-learning for over 10 years and it has been interesting how the world suddenly changed overnight. Before Covid, people believed that online courses were less effective, easy to cheat, or just not equally valuable. E-books were barely read and educational videos were scarcely used. Educational apps were just used for entertainment. The pandemic has changed a lot. All types of skills are being learnt and taught online- from piano to dance and crochet and so on. Online classes, online school- all became common language that everyone understands. Schools have developed their own apps, and educational technology to reach and engage with their students.

So now what? Can we ever go back to what it was? I don't think so. Teachers across the world, irrespective of which country, have discovered the power of technology in education. Google searches became part of classroom lessons, and video learning became normal. The idea of using classroom time for engagement and not just absorbing content has become more and more mainstream.

A bonus is that parents have gotten involved in their children's education. So many moms have taught their kids to read, or write, and have discovered that they can. They've been their child's motivators and supporters as they tried to cope with online school. Parents now feel empowered, and so many are questioning if they really need to send their children back to school.

Education has to evolve and grow from now on. It has to include use and training in technology. We have to use networking to learn practices and gain knowledge from experts across the world. We have to be more transparent and communicative with parents so they can support their child's learning.

Technology has also taken quality education to the remotest villages. The government created and published books, videos and other learning materials online to be accessed freely by any child who wants to learn. Online tuition centers and online schools can connect underprivileged children to opportunity. These efforts must continue to grow.

So what can you do? If you are a parent, don't step back from your child's education. Stay as involved as you were over the past two years. If you are a teacher, use this as an opportunity to grow. You saw what all you were able to learn and do when the switch to online learning was made. Now take that learning even further. I believe that we can use the lessons and skills from the hard times to strengthen and grow our country's educational system and give our children an even better future.

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