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Do You Have A Moment to Pause?

We all need moments in our daily life when we can stop, think, look around, look back, and be grateful for what we have. In today's world, everything goes so fast. We go city-to-city in a day. We work on multiple projects at any time. Sometimes we are conversing with multiple people on multiple windows, apps or websites at the same time. Even at this moment, I'm waiting for a response from a friend on whatsapp, writing this blog, and giving instructions to my son, at the same time.

Man made everything so much more efficient so that we could be more productive, earn more, spend more, have fancier stuff and it goes on. Our environments are so controlled that rain, or heat, or cold- nothing stops us from getting our work done. Our devices get better every year, helping us do things faster, and do more at the same time. What's the result. There is no need to pause, no wait times, no rainy days. And in our efforts to become more efficient and productive, we've forgotten that we aren't machines. We are people.

When the environment controlled our lives, there were seasons. Times like the harvest when it was crazy, and times when you just sat and watched your crops grow. There were rainy days when you stayed home and had chai and hung out with your family. When the sun went down, it was time for family, storytelling, and reminiscing. In our city lives, we have lost this. And maybe it's one of the reasons why we are so much more stressed.

We all need a moment to pause. Last year, during the pandemic, we rented a tiny house a few hours from our city home, in the middle of a forest. We can barely afford it, but we make it happen. We've been getting away every month or so for a few days at a time. We have wi-fi and we continue work and school, but these forced breaks in nature, have been such a source of rest, healing and replenishment. We go for walks in the daytime, stare at sunsets, watch birds, discover and learn about insects and plants. We tell stories to each other, share plans and dreams for the future, pray, and hear the voice of God.

People wonder how we manage to go on breaks this often. Some think it's strange that we need to. I'm well aware that it is a privilege. But I think the idea is important. And for our family, it's been the thing that's carried us through these hard (and hectic) times. Now that I've learnt to pause, I find ways to do it while I'm in the city too. I go for a walk without any music in my ears, because I just want to think and process. I sit with my tea a little longer, sometimes not doing anything at all. My moment to pause is a priority. It's worth putting aside money for, it's worth working a little less. It's worth my home being a little messy, or saying no to a party.

What are you willing to sacrifice for a moment to pause?

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