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Can ADHD be a good thing?

A diagnosis of ADHD can be a hard thing to hear for a parent. Is my child going to be "normal?" Will they have a "normal" life? Will they be able to go to college? These types of questions flood their mind, and it can be challenge to work through them, and find the answers. Over time parents find medication, therapy, and learning strategies that help, and give their child the support they need.

But I've been considering a bigger question. What is "normal?" Why is it that when a child can't sit in class, it's called a disorder? Why is it considered a bad thing when a child can't do only one thing at a time?

What if ADHD just means that a child's brain is wired differently. That they need to be taught differently. That their skills are different, and their strengths are different. I've been discovering that adults with ADHD have this unique ability to run multiple businesses. They are able to hold so many different projects in their mind at the same time and multitask seamlessly. They have endless energy and can work double the amount an average person can.

Children with ADHD need support. But they don't need our pity, our judgement or our criticism. We don't have to force them to sit still for our own benefit. We don't have to label them as "naughty" or "hyperactive" or "disruptive." We need to give them the space to be themselves, teach them ways to focus, to learn, to grow, and help them channel this amazing energy and these brilliant multitasking abilities.

ADHD has been around for a while, but now it's time to start changing our mindsets. Changing our education systems to accommodate kids who can't sit. Changing our language to be more positive and encouraging. Cause these kids, with the right support, can change our futures.

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