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We are a team of Occupational Therapists, who want to reach out and support parents and teachers of children with special needs. We understand how hard it can be, and we want to make it easier.

Through this website, we  hope to provide useful, relevant and easy to use ideas and resources for children with autism. We truly believe that with the right kind of training and support, we can help children with autism do so much and be independent.

Children with autism can be taught to read, write, and go to school like other children. Working with autistic children is different from teaching other children. In this website we are offering help and ideas on various teaching techniques and issues related to education and autism. Read our “Autism Blog” for ideas and information regarding treatment and therapy.

If you are a teacher, or even a mother who would like to teach their child who has autism, do make sure you take a look at the “Autism Activities” section. This includes a collection of workbox activities , which has been found to be an effective technique to teach kids with autism.

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We are always always happy to help out parents and teachers with their questions on special needs children. Drop a line  any time at the contact page.