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The Verdict: Dolphin Assisted Therapy for Autism

Dolphin Assisted Therapy

What is Dolphin Assisted Therapy?

Dolphin Assisted Therapy, or DAT, is a therapy used to improve speech and motor skills in people with physical and/or emotional problems. It involves one-on-one contact with dolphins. It was first used to treat depression, but is now also used for children with learning disabilities, speech impediments, Autism, Downs Syndrome, . . . → Read More: The Verdict: Dolphin Assisted Therapy for Autism

Crushed Paper Sensory Activity


A sensory activity that you can use for a child with Autism . . . → Read More: Crushed Paper Sensory Activity

The “Happiness Rating Chart”

Child marks 3 stars against an activity that makes him very very happy

Children on the autism spectrum have difficulties in understanding and evaluating their own emotions. Here’s an activity that helps develop these skills.

As children with Autism, Asperger’s or PDD become older, we need to teach them to make choices. Also understanding the concept of priority, or what they want the most is very important. To . . . → Read More: The “Happiness Rating Chart”