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Counting Activity:Potatoes and Toothpicks

Here’s an interesting way to teach math with potatoes and toothpicks. Children get bored easily with the same old activities and the same old toys. Introduce basic concepts like math with creative activities like these. This simple workbox activity is also very useful for children with ADHD, Autism or other learning disabilities. And of course, any preschooler.

Find an old shoebox and decorate it.

Cover a strip of thick cardboard or card, and draw boxes like those shown in the picture.

Cut small potatoes into halves and quarters so that they can stand without rocking or tipping.

Place one potato wedge on every box and number each box.

Now your child can stick in the right number of toothpicks into each potato.

Alternatives: Use random numbers instead of numbers in a sequence.

Hope this idea was useful. For more ideas for activities made from things you can find around the house, keep visiting.