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A Place of Quiet


Ideas on creating a place of quiet in busy classrooms, and small homes. Children with Autism need a little space where they are safe and undisturbed, so that they can cope with the sensory challenges they face all the time. . . . → Read More: A Place of Quiet

Making Social Story Books About your Child


Social story books aim at teaching and reinforcing social behaviors in children with autism. There are many social story books available, but you can make your own ones based on your child.

Social Story Books are of different kinds. They can be written from different points of views and can be used for teaching a . . . → Read More: Making Social Story Books About your Child

Making Choices…


Letting people with Autism make choices, helps them to learn better. Read more about this study on leisure and autism. . . . → Read More: Making Choices…

The Oops Board


The Oops board is a technique to help children prepare for changes in their daily routine. . . . → Read More: The Oops Board

Improving Visual Attention


When we first start working with a child with autism, we often find that the child does not look at learning materials. The child seems to have a mind of his own and is involved in a lot of sensory stimulatory or defensive behavior that prevents him from paying attention to what we are . . . → Read More: Improving Visual Attention

Teaching a child with Autism


Children with Autism can learn, study and complete their education.Here are a few ideas to help you get a child with autism to sit down and pay attention. . . . → Read More: Teaching a child with Autism