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Benefits of Pool time for a child with Autism

Summer is here and the best place to cool off is the pool. However, for a child with Autism, regular pool time does more that just cooling off. “How?” you ask . Let me explain:

Why more Pool time?

Most of you are aware about the physical advantages of playing around in the . . . → Read More: Benefits of Pool time for a child with Autism

Math for Autism: Count & Place

IMG_9853 copy

Help your child actively develop the concept of numbers. This activity is simple and easy to perform especially as children learn and understand the value of numbers.

Materials required:

Tray with compartments (e.g. an egg tray) Items to place (beads, coins) of the same color Cards with numbers marked



1. Cut the . . . → Read More: Math for Autism: Count & Place

Dots and Numbers


Help your child develop number concept. This activity is great for a child with autism because it is short and structured.


Materials required:

Picture cards with dots

Blocks/cards with numbers

Print this, stick on card and cut out.


Place the number cards on a table . . . → Read More: Dots and Numbers

Online Autism Testing Tool

A link to an Online Autism Assessment tool. . . . → Read More: Online Autism Testing Tool