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Visual Attention #3

This is the third activity from the series on visual attention. This is actually a color matching activity, but for a child who finds that difficult, the activity can be done without matching colors.  In this activity, the child is asked to place one bottle cap into each egg holder.  Once a child can do this easily, he can be encouraged to match colors. This activity takes a very short time to do, and requires a very simple action, and thus is another great activity to use when a child with autism is just starting to learn

Time taken to make the activity: 10 minutes

Materials required: An egg box, paint, bottle caps

Cut one half of a cardboard egg box

Paint the inside of the box as shown below

Collect bottle caps fr the activity.

The child has to place a bottle cap inside every hole.

Place the caps and the egg tray into an old decorated shoebox to make it a shoebox or workbox activity.


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