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Visual Attention #2

Here’s the second activity of a series on Visual Attention. Read more about this topic on my blog post on visual attention. This activity, which is actually a home-made version of stacking cups helps a child to learn to visually attend to learning materials. the activity just requires the child to pick up cups and place them on top of each other. Making them on your own gives you the freedom to adapt it fr your child. For eg. if your autistic child is crazy about cars, stick stickers of cars on the paper cups. Similarly, if he likes a particular color, you could make a set of cups of that color.

Time required to make this activity: 10- 15 minutes

Materials required: paper cups, acrylic paint, glitter glue.

Use about 10 similar paper cups for this activity

Paint them and decorate them to make them interesting

Get your child to stack them on top of each other

Place the cups into an old decorated shoebox and make it into a workbox or taskbox activity.

Although this is an age-old activity, it works really well. Children with autism tend to like arranging, and they enjoy this activity that requires them to stack cups neatly. The activity is a great way to teach children to concentrate, and can be one if the initial activities you use with an autistic child who is starting to learn. Placing the cups in a workbox, and specifying what is required makes the activity more structured.

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