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Visual Attention #1

Here’s the first of 3 activities that are focussed on helping a child with autism develop visual attention. These 3 activities are aimed at children with autism who have difficulty looking at learning materials given to them. The activities require the child to look at them and then do something simple with them. For more ideas on how to improve visual attention, as well as use these activities, read my blog post on visual attention.

This first activity, made from a box and a roll of ribbon, require a very simple action of pulling the ribbon. It can be a lot of fun for the child to realise that the more he pulls, the more ribbon that comes out. You can made this activity even more interesting by attaching a small noise making toy like a rattle to the centre of the ribbon roll placed inside the box. This will make a small sound every time the ribbon rolls, and will get the child’s attention.

Time taken to make this activity: 5-7 minutes

Materials required: Acrylic paint, paintbrush, box, scissors, roll of ribbon.

Find a small cardboard box that can be closed like the one in the picture.

cardboard box

Paint it in a bright color

Make a small hole in the top of the box as shown

Place a roll of ribbon inside the box

Close the box. your activity is ready.

Place it in an old decorated shoebox to make it a taskbox or workbox activity.


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