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Pre Writing Skills

Help your child learn Pre writing skills with this simple workbox activity.

Decorate an old shoebox to make it look attractive.

Cut out a piece of thick card about half the size of an A4 sheet of paper. ( I used a cornflakes box)

Cover the cardboard with paper

draw three sets of bold lines for writing on every page

My first pre writing skills card

My second Pre Writing skills card

My third Pre writing skills card.

I bought 3 pencils which are colored with 3 different colors on the outside ( regular pencils available in any craft store).

I then outlined the 3 cards with corresponding colors.

The child has to pick the right pencil and complete the writing task on the card. When he has done that, he picks up the second pencil and fills out the corresponding color card. The 3 different cards and pencils break up a longer writing activity into 3 parts and help to keep a child motivated.

Place these into the shoebox and your workbox activity for pre writing skills is ready.

Keep visiting this website for lots more workbox activities for children with autism as well as preschool children.

For another activity for Pre-writing skills, Go to : http://www.sharonscreativecorner.com/839/pre-writing-trains-and-tracks/