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Number Concept with Stickers

Children with autism sometimes struggle with using glue because they cannot tolerate the sensation of stickiness. Stickers are a great alternate to help them do crafts and other activities without the sticky sensation. Here is an idea for helping children learn the value of numbers using stickers.

All you need is a bunch of stickers. Its best if they are similar looking, but even if they are not, its ok, as long as each sticker has a single object on it. A sticker with Winnie-the-pooh and tiger together may cause confusion. However, a set of stickers on transport, or different types of flowers will work well. Look out for clearance sales and pick up stickers when you see them, and you can use them creatively for a variety of learning activities.

On a piece of paper, write out a number boldly. Say the name of the number aloud and tell your child that you are going to count stickers and stick them on the paper. As your child sticks stickers, count with them, and encourage them to count with you. If you want to make it easier, you can draw the correct number of circles for them to stick the stickers on.

To make the activity even more fun, you can give them a bunch of crayons or markers and get them to decorate the paper further. This can be especially fun if you have a theme like flowers- you can encourage them to make a garden. Or if you have fruits- you can encourage them to draw a tree.

This activity helps reinforce number concept, rote counting as well as fine motor skills.

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