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Math for Autism: Count & Place

IMG 9837 Math for Autism: Count & Place

Help your child actively develop the concept of numbers. This activity is simple and easy to perform especially as children learn and understand the value of numbers.

Materials required:

  • Tray with compartments (e.g. an egg tray)
  • Items to place (beads, coins) of the same color
  • Cards with numbers marked



1. Cut the egg tray according to the number of rows.

2. Cut out cards of same size and draw digits 1-9 using a marker pen.

3. Place the cards with the number against the end of each row of the tray appropriately as shown in the picture.

IMG 9855copy 300x300 Math for Autism: Count & Place

4. Make the child read the number/or read the number out loud and ask the child to place the appropriate number of beads/coins in the tray in line with the number card.

countplace 3 Math for Autism: Count & Place

IMG 9853 copy 296x300 Math for Autism: Count & Place Tips:

  • For beginners, start with 1-3 and then grade to 5 and then 10.
  • Encourage child to count as he/she places the beads/coins in the tray.
  • Reward your child after each completing the task for each number. Rewards can be stickers, a fun activity or anything the child likes.


Make your own customized number cards or paint the egg tray to make the activity more interesting for the child. You can also use your child’s favorite color in the cards or cut out foam dots shaped as stars as the items to place to add texture.


Ensure that the child doesn’t place the beads/coins in his/her mouth while performing the activity.


Ashley Thomas

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