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Dots and Numbers

Help your child develop number concept. This activity is great for a child with autism because it is short and structured.


Materials required:

Picture cards with dots

Blocks/cards with numbers

Print this, stick on card and cut out.


  1. Place the number cards on a table where it is easily visible to the child.
  2. Start with a picture card with one dot and ask the child to find the right number card.
  3. Then introduce picture card with two dots and ask the child to find the right number card and likewise.


  • For beginners, start with 1-3 and then grade to 5 and then 10.
  • Reward your child after each completing the task for each number. Rewards can be stickers, a fun activity or anything the child likes.

Make your own customized cards to make the activity more interesting for the child. You can use your child’s favorite color in the cards or cut out foam dots to add texture.

Ashley Thomas


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