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Visual Schedules: The “What’s Next” Booklet

Here’s an idea that I came up with while working with a child with PDD, and maybe you could use it too. As we know children with autism love routines and schedules and work so much better when they have a clear idea of what’s going to happen next. Schedules can be visual like a set of pictures, or even a series of boxes which hold the activities that the child can do. This idea of using a booklet for a schedule, works for children who are a little older and can look at pictures and follow them.

I first stapled a few pieces of paper together to form a small booklet.

On the first page, I wrote the child’s name and the date

On every page, I drew a small illustration depicting an activity that the child was going to do. After the child finished that activity I added stars for good work, and in some cases a few words to remind the child of something that we had learnt during the activity.

On the last page of the book, I drew a picture of the reward for completing all the activities in the booklet. In this case, it was painting.

I told the child that if she needs to finish all the activities in the book in the order. So she would have to complete all the activities and could do painting in the end. The booklet just took me a few minutes to make, and I can easily store the old booklets to keep track of what I’ve done with the child.

Do you have any new ideas for visual schedules? I would love to hear from you!!


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