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A Tribute to Mothers of Children with Autism

Its Mother’s day, and here’s something I wrote for those amazing moms of children with Autism… Do share it !!


Thank you,

For loving even when you didn’t get hugged back..

For staying back with me, when the rest of the family went out..

For cooking all those special meals..

For cleaning me when I screamed and kicked..


Thank you,

For understanding me, even when I couldnt understand myself..

For connecting to me, when I was withdrawn..

For accepting me as I am..

Being my mother was not your choice, nor were you trained for it..

But you do the best you can, every single day.

Thank you for that.

I may not express it in words, or even through actions

But I know that everything I am, and everything I will be,

Is all because of your love, your patience and your perseverance.


Happy Mother’s Day

2 comments to A Tribute to Mothers of Children with Autism

  • Mel Flynn

    Here is a Mother’s Day poem for mothers with autistic children. I wrote it as a tribute to a friend that has an autistic child but would like all mothers with autistic children to enjoy it as a tribute from their own child. I trust it encourages all of you. God bless.


    Mommy I want to thank you
    For all you’ve done for me,
    For all the things you still will do
    So kind and tenderly.

    For years I could not tell you
    How much your love has meant,
    For all that care you gave to me
    And time with me you spent.

    I know you think I’m special
    ‘Cause no one else would do
    What you have done for me, dear Mom,
    There’s no one else like you!

    The many nights I kept you up
    With hardly any rest. . .
    Of all the mommies in this world
    I think you are the best.

    When sickness wracked my body
    And I trembled in despair
    The thing that really helped me most
    Was knowing you were there.

    I know you wept for me at times;
    I saw your pain and tears,
    Yet couldn’t tell you not to cry
    In all my early years.

    But things are getting better now,
    There’s so much I can do!
    And every day I learn still more;
    It’s all because of YOU!

    Your love to me is greater than
    Autism’s awful blight,
    We may not win each battle Mom
    But we will win this fight!

    With all the struggles that I have
    I know you’ll see me through.
    I want you just as proud of me
    As I am proud of you.

    So have a Happy Mother’s Day;
    Please don’t forget this part,
    Mommy I haven’t said it much but

  • Mel,
    That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing..

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