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Online Autism Testing Tool

I came across this online autism testing or assessment tool today, and was quite impressed. This tool allows you to grade the various features of PPD/ Autism in your child and helps to calculate and say if its mild, moderate or severe. The best part about the tool is that if you click on the “how to rate” option next to the headings, it gives you a detailed description of what every statement means.

Obviously, it cannot replace a doctor or therapist’s assessment. In fact, if the results of this test differ from their’s, you should probably take their word. On the other hand, it helps parents understand more about how professionals assess the severity of autism, and the various components and skills that are usually assessed or tested.

It’s also useful for parents who think that their child may have autism, but haven’t yet decided to see a doctor. If you are in that category, do visit a doctor, and all your doubts will be cleared.

So take a look at this online autism testing tool at

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