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Making Social Story Books About your Child

Social story books aim at teaching and reinforcing social behaviors in children with autism. There are many social story books available, but you can make your own ones based on your child.

Social Story Books are of different kinds. They can be written from different points of views and can be used for teaching a variety of social skills. They can be with or without illustrations. Here are the steps to making your own story books. These books are based on the past experiences of the child, and can help to reinforce good behavior.

Steps to making your own Social Story Book:

1. Decide on a topic:

Pick a topic that your child struggles with – like eating, visits to the dentist, cleaning his room, playing with another child etc.

2. Collect Photos

Carry your digital camera with you, and take a few pictures of your child doing that activity. If you are able to take pictures over 2 or 3 days, it will be easier for you to put the book together.

3. Write your story

Put together your illustrations to make your own story. Stories can be 4- 20 lines long.

Here is an example of a story:


Today I went to Tom’s birthday party. ( picture of tom)


I took a gift for him. The gift was a toy car. ( picture of the packed gift)


When I went to Tom’s house, there were some more children from my class there. ( picture of other children)


I gave the gift to Tom and said “Happy Birthday”.( picture of your child giving a gift to tom)

He said “ Thank you


Tom’s mother helped us to play a game called “pin the tail to the donkey”.( picture of game)


I went in front and tried to fix the donkey’s tail. But I fixed the tail on the donkey’s stomach because my eyes were closed. ( picture of game)


It was very funny to see where everyone was fixing the donkey’s tail. ( picture of game)


After the game, Tom cut his birthday cake. ( picture of cake cutting)

We all sang the Happy Birthday song for him.


Then we all had cookies and cake, and drank punch. ( picture of food)


I enjoyed Tom’s birthday party. I am going to invite him to my house when it is my birthday.



This is an example for a social story. It will help your child remember how to act in a birthday party, and  help him to get ready for his own birthday party. It will help him to remember this event as a positive experience instead of focusing on the crowd, noise, fear, nervousness or other negative feelings he may have felt.


4. Publish

Add the digital images into a word document. Format it such that you have one picture and a couple of lines in every page. Print it, glue the papers on some thick paper, staple them together and your book is ready!!

5. Introduce the book to your child:

Read the book to your child a couple of times, talk about the birthday party, and talk about other people and things happening in the pictures. Use these conversations to teach your child more about birthday parties, and how to behave in social situations.



Here are a few more resources to help you with writing and making your own social story book.



An example of an illustrated social story book at



Photo Credit: Tim Pierce, http://www.flickr.com/photos/qwrrty/2100913578/

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