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The SODA Strategy

Children with Autism and Asperger’s have difficulties with social skills. Training in social skills can help them deal with social situations, and live independently. A number of techniques are used to teach social skills, but here’s one that I found recently.

It’s called The SODA Strategy.


O- Observe

D- Deliberate

A – Act

Basically these are the 4 steps to doing the right thing in a social situation.

Teach the child to stop, before he enters the situation.

Then the child must observe how others are behaving. Teach him to observe physical proximity, topics of conversation, and who is talking to whom.

Then teach him to deliberate, or plan in his mind, and think of what he is going to do or say in that situation, and how he is going to do it.

Finally, teach them to act confidently, based on what they planned.

It’s easy to teach, even to a young child. You can also practice this technique by showing pictures, or short video or movie clips and discussing what the child would do in that situation.

Have you tried SODA? Let me know if it worked!!

Read more about the SODA strategy at http://www.txautism.net/docs/Guide/Interventions/SODA.pdf

2 comments to The SODA Strategy

  • Dr.Iris.G.R.Paul

    Hi Sharon I loved the article on "SODA" - Please permit me to use it when I write or teach -- I will let you know when and where I use this write up of yours. I have Lots of ptoblem connecting to the web -- but I am fascinated with your writing and so will surely try to catch up with your writings as and when time and the web permits!! All the very best on your future endeavours -- Iris.

  • Jen Colin

    I am doing my Master’s Project on a small group for teaching social skills to students with ASDs. May I have your permission to use the information in this article in my group?

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