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The Oops Board

I recently read about this idea and want to share it with you. It’s called an “Oops board”. Basically it’s a small whiteboard/ blackboard/ bulletin board that you can put up in your home or classroom. Name it the Oops board. Children with autism struggle a lot with changes in their daily schedule. If there are friends joining for lunch, or if the regular trip to the park has been cancelled, just put it on the Oops board, and explain it to your child at the beginning of the day. The child gets a visual reminder of the change in activity, and  gets time to prepare themselves for the change. If your child cannot read, illustrate the change in the activity with a simple picture. The oops board helps add some routine to a changing schedule. A child will learn to look at it at the beginning of the day and anticipate any changes. Once your child starts dealing with these changes more easily, you can use your oops board more frequently.

I loved this idea. Hope you liked it too. Do let me know about your experiences with the Oops board.

Picture credit: Wikimedia Commons

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